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Running in Rotterdam

So this Saturday I went for a run in Rotterdam. As is the case for most out-of-town runs nowadays, it was a run with the Hash House Harriers, the FILTH H3 kennel, on this occasion. I had run with them before, when they set a trail in Liège, but this would be my first time with them on their home turf.

The start was at Rotterdam train station, and we were promised run of about 20 km, and a couple of beer stops at breweries and taprooms: a challenging run, but right up my alley! After giving the hare a ten minute head start, four running harriers gave chase. Some others went straight to the beer stop by public transport.

After almost 8 km, we arrived at the Stadshaven Brouwerij for a first beer or two. Although at some point we were very close, apparently, the hare was already enjoying a beer when we got there.

After giving the hare a head start again, we took off as well. This time, we came nowhere near the hare, since he put enough distractions on trail, like a weird art garden, and plenty of nice views.

Just when it was starting to rain, we arrived at beer stop number two, Kaapse Kaap, the taproom of Kaapse Brouwers. Distance run up to that pointβ€”including lots of ‘checking’β€”was 19,7 km, and we were still a couple of kilometres from the start/finish…

Since we almost reached the promised distance, and the weather had turned, it was suggested to end the run then and there. However, three of the runners still were up to run the last part as well, so just five minutes after the hare, off we went!

Another five kilometresβ€”definitely not the shortest wayβ€”brought us to our third and last beer stop, Brewpub Reijngoud, after just missing out on catching the hare! From there, we just walked the last 300 m to Biergarten Rotterdam for the closing Circle, after 25,2 km in total…

Fittingly, there they were serving a beer with on the label a hare chased by hounds, in turn chased by a huge hare… Perfect end of a great day!

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