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Some more photos

An advantage of going somewhere as a group, is that it is more likely I actually appear in some photos. So, to conclude this trip report, here are some photos taken by my travel companions in which I actually appear.


Last Day

Last day today. That means I had to say goodbye to my fellow travellers, after we visited the farmers’ market—a foodie paradise—and some shops for the very last time.

After an excellent burger at BBL I did some souvenir shopping myself, to end this day at—who could have guessed—BrewDog Edinburgh.

Last Afternoon Together

After lunch we climbed up Calton Hill to see the Nelson Monument, the National Monument and the incredible views of the city and sea. Then we discovered the New Town — including 21st Century Kilts—while still working on our tan—or sunburn, whichever applies.
For our final dinner we went for Indian at The Mosque Kitchen. The concept was a bit weird—think VUB restaurant—but it wasn’t bad and plenty.
After some insistence from my part, we ended up at BrewDog Edinburgh again.

Pies & Tattie Dogs

Pick-nick in the park! I love a nice mince pie — from The Piemaker in this case — but it even tastes better when sitting in the sun in Princess Street Gardens.

Tattie dogs are sheer genius, by the way: a hot dog sausage encased in some kind of hash brown…

HIST Discovers Edinburgh

Since it’s quite hard to blog without being anti-social when travelling in a group, here’s just a little photo impression of yesterday, including a guided tour of the city and a visit to Edinburgh Castle.


Everybody’s Here!

The gang is complete now! After settling in at the hostel or apartment, we went to The City Cafe for dinner, then for a little walk and some drinks.

A fine start of this trip, I’d say.

Edinburgh Trip

Less than a month to go, and I’ll be on my way to Scotland again! This will be my fourth visit to Scotland, my second visit to Edinburgh.

All my previous Scotland trips I was travelling solo, but this time I’ll be part of a small group of history students of the VUB. I’ll be the only one travelling by bus however, so I’ll have half a day to myself before they arrive, and again after they leave.

Let’s see if I can convert some of my travel companions to the kilt! 😉 Or at least get them to join me at a ceilidh…