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Run, Martijn, Run!

So I started running just before the lockdown. I’m still not loving it, but it’s nice to see my times are gradually improving, as is my fitness level…

Prague Trip

And off we go! This time, a four part, eleven hour — but ridiculously cheap — train journey will take us to Prague.

Saint Patrick’s Day Cut

My barber — Bayer & Bayer — celebrates Saint Patrick’s Day as well: come in a kilt, and get a free haircut, beer and a whiskey. If that isn’t an offer I can’t refuse, I don’t know what is!

Happy Saint Patrick’s Day!



Saint Patrick’s Day, the only day each year I wear my saffron kilt. Although sometimes I get the question wether I’m Irish even if I’m wearing a kilt in a — to me clearly — Scottish tartan, most people associate any kilt with Scotland, and rightly so. 

But there certainly is such a thing as an Irish kilt, and saffron kilts have been around as an expression of Irish nationality for over a hundred years!


The ancient Irish actually wore the léine, a linen tunic with voluminous sleeves and a hemline reaching the knees or higher, often dyed with saffron, which turned out quite yellow on linen. When there was a revival of Gaelic nationalism in the nineteenth century, the Gaelic League and the Gaelic Athletic Association — two major nationalist organisations, both concerned with Irish identity — wanted a ‘costume’ or national form of dress. The léine was considered to be too difficult to be updated to the fashions of the day, so they adopted the garment of their Gaelic cousins in Scotland: the kilt, dyed either green or saffron. Used on wool, the saffron dye gave it a bit more of an orange-brownish colour, the one we associate today with saffron kilts.


The school uniform of St. Enda’s School for Boys (1908) included the saffron kilt.


Nowadays the saffron kilt is mainly worn by pipers of Irish regiments, often without a sporran.


Another year, another Saint Patrick’s Day, so enjoy it! 🙂 

I might share an updated photo later.

Off we go!

And off we go!
After having found our way to the temporary Eurostar terminal, the usual security checks, and a short wait, we boarded the train.

Haarlem Trip

When an e-mail with a special offer for a two person trip to the Netherlands arrived in our mailbox, we couldn’t let this opportunity slide. So just before the Christmas craziness and exam stress, we’re on our way to Haarlem. Even though the train only started its voyage in Brussels-Midi, it managed to depart in Brussels-Central with a fifteen minute delay…

Off to Scotland again!

Off to Scotland again! By train this time, and an overnight stop in London.
It will be an epic week, with visits planned to nine different BrewDog bars and basements, the brewery and of course the #PunkAGM2016!

Brewdog Brussels


Is @brewdogofficial coming to a place near you?? Well it will be coming to a place close to me soon. If all things go according to plan Brewdog Brussels will be opening in September. Close to the Central Station so all you tourists, citytrippers, beer geeks and commuters will walk straight from the station to the bar. How convenient is that? 👍🍻 Big plans for a big bar that will certainly shake the craft beer scene in Brussels! #beer #brewdog #beerporn #beergeek #belgianbeergeek #craftbeer #instabeer



Who ate all the #pies #scotch #pie #scotchpiechampionships #food #scotland

Oh, how I miss a decent Scotch pie here in Brussels centre… When will Jack O’Shea finally start baking them in their Saint-Catherine shop?

Off to Glasgow again!

After all this preparation and anticipation, I’m finally on my way to Glasgow again! This time I’m travelling with my girlfriend, which will make the trip even more enjoyable.
Our Megabus arrived quite on time, is not too full, the power plug is working—unlike the USB plug—and it’s only a little bit too warm. I’ve had worse. 😉

Ready for Take-off

And we’re ready for take-off, or whatever it is called when a bus leaves. Luckily the power sockets in this MegaBus are working, so I don’t have to worry about running out of power before even reaching the UK.
The coach is only half full, but for whatever reason, some passengers insisted on occupying the the seats next to me on the front row. Oh well, they’re quite tiny, so I don’t mind much, as long as they don’t want to take over the power socket.