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Siste viator!

A warm welcome…
… to whomever visits this website: friends, acquaintances, and coincidental passersby.

“Siste viator” is a Latin phrase meaning “Passerby, hold still”. It was a text found on several Roman funerary monuments, alongside streets outside the city limits, aimed to draw the attention of passersby to the undoubtedly very interesting lives of the deceased. And don’t do personal websites exactly the same thing?

This site has now evolved into a blog, where you’ll be able to enjoy the travel journals I’ll be writing whenever I go on a trip. All posts from before 2020 are either imported from my old Tumblr blogs—with all the peculiarities you can expect from such an operation—or—in case of the pre-2013 posts—just plain photo albums, imported straight out of iPhoto.

Don’t expect far-away destinations only reachable by plane: there are still plenty of places to (re)discover by bus or train, and that’s exactly what I’ll be doing, even if it takes a bit—or a lot—longer… Proudly #FlightFree since 2007!

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On my next trips I will visit: