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10 Years in a Kilt

On the 10th of March 2012, I picked up my very first kilt, somewhere in Limburg, at the inconspicuous garage shop of the sadly no longer existing company Great Scotland. The very same night I put on my new eight yard kilt, in a MacLaren Modern tartan woven by House of Edgar to take it for a spin, and a first pint.

Since then, this kilt has served me well, as I walked many miles, drank many beers, and had a lot of fun in it!

I marked this ten year anniversary—or kiltaversary, if you will—with a little pub crawl, which of course also included the very first place I went in my kilt, Celtica. There I tried to recreate the first photo of me wearing my kilt in public…
Can you spot the differences?

More Breweries and Brewers

After those breweries and taprooms, and before visiting some more, I needed some sustenance, and that came in the form of this delicious Kalbsleber Berliner Art, at Gaststätte Deichgraf.

I then proceeded to the next brewery, Eschenbräu, but their beer garden was full, and there was already a line of people waiting for a seat, so I decided to immediately move on to the next stop.

Luckily, there was still plenty of space inside at Vagabund Brauerei, so I enjoyed a couple of beers there. Afterward I went looking for their new Kesselhaus which was supposed to be not too far from the taproom, but somehow I couldn’t find it… As it turned out, I was mere meters from spotting it, but I’ll have to check it out next time.

The last to-visit place was the Schneeeule Salon für Berliner Bierkultur, the perfect place to drink some Berliner Weiße in the company of the brewer herself! I wasn’t even aware that this place existed before my trip—understandably, since they didn’t even have their official opening yet—but I was very happy to be able to end my evening here!

Brewery Day!

My last day in Berlin starts with a slightly unconventional brunch: döner kebab! Different location—Hisar Fresh Food this time—but basically the same planning as about a year ago, when BrewDog organised its first European AGM in Berlin.

Although never even officially announced, this exact Saturday the second edition was supposed to take place, and even though this isn’t happening for obvious reasons, I decided to go to the brewery anyway. Still no S-Bahn station in front of the premises, so it was a bit of a walk again.

I had taken a tour the last time I was there, but it was only a short version, and at the time they hadn’t even started brewing their own beers yet. So I decided to take the tour again: the full version this time. The included tasting gave me the opportunity to try some of the beers brewed there, and after that DogTap still had a couple of beers on draught I hadn’t tried yet.

But I wouldn’t have called this post “Brewery Day” just for visiting one brewery: on the opposite side of town—after a coffee at Stück vom Glück— I also visited Two Fellas, and Bräugier, and there are some more to come after dinner!

Rotterdam After the Borders Opened Again

It was already a while ago since I’ve last taken a train, quite possibly it was my trip to Breda, but finally I found myself in one again, albeit quite an empty train, and masked all the time… But the borders are open again, even for tourism, so I decided to go to Rotterdam again, where a new BrewDog bar opened, quite courageously in the middle of the corona crisis.

Köln Trip

It seems I somehow never posted anything about my Köln trip. So when I found out about this a couple of years later, I decided to delve into my photo archive, and publish at least a couple of photos of that trip!

Most of my trips revolve around craft beer, or at least include some beer bars or breweries. Köln is a bit different: very traditional, and the city only had one craft beer bar when we visited… What the city did have, and stil has, is Kölsch! So of course, on the evening of our arrival, we went to one of the best places to drink it: Brauhaus Päffgen!

The second day we started in the Wallraf-Richartz Museum⁩.

After Himmel un Äd for lunch at Peters Brauhaus, and a visit to the Römisch-Germanisches Museum (no photos), we visited the only craft beer bar in Köln: Crafbeer Corner Coeln.
We enjoyed dinner—Kotelett mit Kartoffelsalat—at Lommerzheim.

On the last day, we had some Currywurst for lunch, and after some more sightseeing, a beer at the Gaffel am Dom. We ended our trip with some Bratwurst mit Kartoffelsalat at Max Stark.

Saint Patrick’s Day Cut

My barber — Bayer & Bayer — celebrates Saint Patrick’s Day as well: come in a kilt, and get a free haircut, beer and a whiskey. If that isn’t an offer I can’t refuse, I don’t know what is!

Beards & BrewDogs

After a very warm welcome, a tour of the brewery, and a couple of drinks at Weird Beard, we went to BrewDog Shepherds Bush for a beer and a bite, and to BrewDog Camden for a couple more drinks. A great start of this weekend in London!

40 km

After a short stop in Liège, we arrived home safely, happy to see a proper bed. Hiking 40 km with full gear, but without any training, it was quite an experience!

Some last photos from yesterday to say goodbye, until our next trip!


Great views and lots of sun today! On two thirds of our hike, we passed through Achouffe, so we just had to drink a Chouffe
After 15 km, we reached our destination, Houffalize, where we will take the bus to Liège.