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Tag: GT201309

The Voyage Home

My six-day mission to explore Glasgow, to seek out new water of life and new friends, to boldly go where only few kilted men have gone before, has come to an end. I’m on the bus to London, wearing uncomfortable trousers again and constantly reminding myself not to forget the bottles under my seat.

Glasgow has been a great discovery, this actually is a city I could see myself living in!

Last Day in Glasgow

My last day in Glasgow I did a final -failed – attempt to find a nice kilt jacket, a last visit to the BrewDog bar to do some essential shopping. Not quite recovered yet from the ceilidh of the night before, I decided to skip the one of Saturday night, and join my new Glaswegian friends on a little pub crawl instead. And for once, I wasn’t the only one wearing a kilt! 🙂

(Assams, The Butterfly and the Pig)

Apple Store

Finally I had a reason to visit the Genius Bar in an Apple Store! (Swopping a third party iPhone charger for an Apple version) Not too thrilled about going up and down a glass staircase in a kilt though…

FYI They sold out of iPhones 5s within an hour this morning.

A Wee Dram

The driver mentioned that people often doze off on the way back. But that’s not really a surprise if everyone finds a wee dram on his or her seat after the Loch Ness cruise…