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40 km

After a short stop in Liège, we arrived home safely, happy to see a proper bed. Hiking 40 km with full gear, but without any training, it was quite an experience!

Some last photos from yesterday to say goodbye, until our next trip!


Great views and lots of sun today! On two thirds of our hike, we passed through Achouffe, so we just had to drink a Chouffe
After 15 km, we reached our destination, Houffalize, where we will take the bus to Liège.

At the Bivouac Site

After a 22 km hike, climbing 850 meters, we arrived at the bivouac site. There we discovered we wouldn’t be alone there that night. The good news: they were taking care of the campfire already.
So all we had to do ourselves, was getting some water from a stream nearby, filter it — it turns out the Care+ water filter connects perfectly to an Ortlieb water bag — and start cooking!
After our noodle soup, we joined the rest of the campers at the campfire to grill some sausages, before going to bed in our million star hotel…

Ardennes Hike

We’re not usually this anti-social, but the train is quite empty, and the overhead luggage racks on these trains are really too narrow for anything bigger than a handbag. Seated near a power outlet, 1h50 on the train to go!

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