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Brewery Run Virtual Edition

I’ve started running a little over a year ago, but didn’t have an opportunity to participate in any events: the 20K of Brussels was postponed, then cancelled, and even the ‘corona safe’ Run for Nature in the Sonian Forest was cancelled last minute…

When Brewery Run popped up in my timeline, I just had to do it! Travelling to the Netherlands for one of the ‘live’ versions still wasn’t an option, but at least I could do the ‘Virtual Edition’ right at home, in Brussels. So I ordered a ‘ticket’—which included some Dutch beers and a medal/bottle opener—and set out a nice 10K route, visiting eight of Brussels’ breweries.

Then I just had to wait for the right day to run: not too cold, windy, or wet, and if breweries would actually be open, all the better!

I was quite happy with the result, especially considering my frequent stops for photos and traffic lights. Too bad I couldn’t stop for a drink in each of the breweries… At least I had some beer and the medal waiting for me at home!

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