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Month: July 2021

Boat Trips and Beer Flights

A long walk all across town brought me to Kaapse Kaap, the taproom of the Kaapse Brouwers, for a first waterside beer. Their brewery is at a different location nowadays, and unfortunately without its own taproom.

A watertaxi brought me to a temporary taproom of another Rotterdam brewery: Vet & Lazy, They recently opened a Pub-Up-Bar in the city centre. After this I made a short stop at Kaapse Maria, the city center restaurant and bar of Kaapse Brouwers.

I couldn’t leave the Netherlands without having some Surinamese food, and Warung Mini was the perfect place to get it. I really needed some food to start soaking up that beer!

My last stop of this trip was BrewDog Outpost Rotterdam. There I could finally get that stamp in my Beer Visa they didn’t have yet the previous time I visited them…

Then it was about time to get back to the train station, and go back to Brussels…
Hopefully my next trip will be a bit longer again!

From A’dam to R’dam

Without a breakfast buffet available in the hotel, I hurried to get dressed to check out to get some food. I went across the street to Omelegg, to eat away my light hangover with a hearty Farm Boy omelet.

After breakfast I said my goodbyes to the Dutch capital, and went back to the train station, to catch an NS Intercity Direct train to Rotterdam. After arriving in the port city, my first stop was—you guessed it—for coffee, at Hopper this time.

Time for More Beer!

My first stop was at Mikkeller at Morebeer, the first official Mikkeller bar in the Netherlands, so a place I can get another stamp in my Mikkeller Passport.

Since I started my day quite late—I worked a night shift yesterday—it was then already time for dinner, and where else would I go than to Het Lagerhuys? It had been on my to do list for so long, and I was almost equally excited to try those chili pork ribs and see beer copain Yuri again… And boy, did I enjoy both!

Well fed, I then went to In de Wildeman, an Amsterdam beer classic for some more Dutch beers, and I finished the night a bit more internationally in the BeerTemple.

Visiting the ‘Dams

As promised in my last blog post, earlier today I found myself back on the rails again already! This time I was in a Eurostar, and for the first time ever, not to get to London, but to go in the opposite direction, to Amsterdam. That is one of my two destinations for this trip, the other being Rotterdam. A’dam and R’dam for short, or, if you will, the two ‘Dams…

In Amsterdam I’m staying at easyHotel Amsterdam City Centre South again, so that is where I headed first to check in and get rid of my bag. Just a couple of minutes’ walk from the hotel there’s Scandinavian Embassy, a specialty coffee bar, where I got today’s caffeine fix.

And guess what? Now it’s time for some beer!

An American (IPA) in Paris

I had my first beer of the day at Bon Esprit. To keep the drinking at a moderate pace, this was then followed by another coffee at KB CaféShop. Then some more beers followed at beer shops À la bière comme à la Bière and La Binouze. I also had a beer at the Mikkeller Bar, mainly to get a stamp for my Mikkeller Passport.

The staff at Bon Esprit recommended me Carburant as one of the newest craft beer hot spots of Paris, so I added that as the final beer destination to my itinerary.

The last stop before getting in my comfy Thalys seat again, was at Fric-Frac, to enjoy another French classic—croque monsieur—but with a twist, chicken and avocado this time.

Well, that’s all for this trip, but there will be another one, just as short as this one, very soon!

Croissants and Culture

After breakfast at the hotel—croissants of course—and a first real coffee at Telescope, I made my way to the banks of the Seine, to visit the famous Louvre.

I had no intention to see everything—which would have been impossible anyway—so I just picked a couple of highlights, that was more than enough to keep me occupied well until lunchtime.

This time my food of choice was a Parisian classic: jambon-beurre. As simple as ham and butter on a baguette, but the version prepared by Julhès was tasty nevertheless. A coffee at 5 Pailles, and I was ready to get moving again!

La bière et la bouffe!

After coffee and a bed for the night had been taken care of, it was time to finally (re)discover Paris! As I mentioned, I had been there before, but that was either as a rather short stop on my way to somewhere else, or as a day trip with a full programme preventing me to see much else of the city.

As just about anywhere else, my itinerary was very much beer-themed, and I started with BapBap, La Fine Mousse, I.B.U. Oberkampf, and the Liquiderie Bar, before I had to refuel.

I knew BBP Canal had something interesting on the menu—an Amaï Chicken Karagee Burger, although I’m not sure the Amaï sauce was actually in there—so I headed there for dinner. It was here that my last visit in Paris was supposed to end, but due to an unfortunate pickpocketing incident, didn’t…

After dinner I continued my bar tour with La Robe et la Mousse, and—after another quick, kosher, late-night snack at L’As du Fallafel—I finished at BrewDog Le Marais.

Off to Paris, and a good start!

It’s not yet the trip I’ve been planning for since 2019, but at least I’m back on an international train again, this time with destination Paris!

I’ve been to the City of Light several times before, but I can’t remember ever having spent the night here as a tourist. That’s about to change!

Like most of my days out and about, I start with coffee, and since the Ten Belles roastery was only a short walk from the Gare du Nord, that was my first destination.

Then it was time to check into my Ibis Styles hotel, just to drop off some stuff, and make sure there actually was a room waiting for me. Luckily, it was! And yes, that is a single bed, before booking I didn’t even know hotels still had these… But hey, that’s a couple of euros saved I can now spend on beer!

Zero-Waste Dinner Delivery

Every once in a while, I run out of frozen meals—prepared by myself earlier, of course—and even Too Good To Go can’t provide me with a suitable meal in time for an upcoming night shift. In those rare cases, I do like a good delivery dinner, but the amount of disposable packaging it usually comes in, can be a real turn-off…

Luckily, SwapBox is now active in Brussels as well, and my favourite Korean fried chicken supplier—Nom Pow—is one of the participating restaurants!

After I’m done, I simply take the bowl home to clean it, and as long as I hand it in a at one of the participating restaurants—so not necessarily the one where I ordered the dish—within two weeks, it won’t cost me anything extra.

The order did still come in a disposable paper bag, though, so I do hope SwapBox will soon add delivery bags to their lineup as well, to make a food delivery truly zero-waste!

The napkin and chopsticks are my own, by the way, and both probably well over thirty years old!

A Trip to the Past

While I’m still awaiting my second vaccination, I continue discovering places in Belgium I haven’t been yet. One that had been on my to-do list for a long time, was the Archéosite d’Aubechies-Beloeil, a site with some archaeological reconstructions from the Neolithicum until the Roman era. I was of course most interested in the latter bit…

So, after an hour on a train, fifteen minutes on a bus, and then another twenty-five minutes on foot, I was finally there!

The outside of the buildings looked nice enough—the temple really reminded me of the time I worked as a volunteer ‘archeotolk’ at Archeon—but unfortunately the inside mostly seems to have been adapted for modern use, like exhibitions and events.

If I ever have a garden, I definitely want a summer triclinium like that!