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Coffee Cup Collection

My collection of reusable coffee cups is getting a bit out of hand… I do use most of them, though!

I take one of the mid-sized KeepCups (8oz/227ml, middle back) to work every day, because they’re just big enough to take a strong cappuccino—the machine doesn’t do macchiatos—with an extra strong espresso added.

The small KeepCups (4oz/118ml, top right back & left front) are my first choice to get my espresso (or espresso macchiato) on my days off, at least when the weather is nice enough to sit down somewhere outside, and drink it straight away.

On colder or wetter days, I have to take my coffee home first, and then it tends to cool off a bit too much, so that’s why I needed my latest—and hopefully last—addition to the coffee cup collection: the insulated KeepCup Nitro (6oz/177ml, mid-right front). It’s just small enough to still fit in my coat pocket, so it doesn’t get in my way when I do my grocery shopping first.
I used to use my bulkier Klean Kanteen insulated tumbler (8oz/227ml, mid-left font) for colder days, but it’s quite bulky, so I had to carry it around in a bag. I guess it will now be on ice cream duty in summer instead…

The oldest cup of the collection is a mug with ear I bought at the Kandersteg International Scout Centre during one of the Dutch Work Party weeks I participated in, and it still sees active duty whenever a pack list for a scouting activity mentions “bring a mug”.

The Billiecup (top left back) technically isn’t mine, but the Brussels Coffee Week lid on it is!

Hardly used are the largest KeepCups (12oz/340ml), since I usually don’t drink large ‘coffees’. Luckily I’ve already found a new home for the Apex Coffee cup (bottom left back) I received as a crowdfunding perk. I will be keeping the BrewDog cup (right front) however, since, well, it’s BrewDog!

Shout-out to the great Brussels coffee bars still happy to fill my cup, even in COVID-19 times: Frank., Café Tiera, Cantine III, and MOK Specialty Coffee.

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