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Camping Misery

On the first day of August, Misery Beer Co. opened. It’s a bit hard to get to by public transport, as a lot of places in the Ardennes tend to be, so it was very convenient there was a special bus going from Brussels to the manor of Misery.

Due to the ever changing COVID-19 regulations, the opening party was a bit smaller than envisioned, and spread over two days. Once there, all necessary measures were taken to let us see the brewery and enjoy their beers in safety. And enjoy them, I did!

This great alternative for all those cancelled beer festivals however, was only half the fun: for the first time since quite a while, I spend the night in my bell tent! A new one, by the way, with a slightly different pole system, so pitching it took quite a while…

Once pitched, it had exactly what one would need to be comfortable while camping: space for a full-size two person mattress, high enough to stand up straight in, and style.

Staying the night meant I had to find my own way home, so just using TEC buses and trains. The bus stop I needed was about a kilometre from the manor, and that is quite a distance when you’re carrying a 20 kg tent plus the rest of your gear… Luckily a passerby seeing me lugging my stuff, had pity on me, so she let me hitch a ride.

From then on, getting from bus to train, and from train to metro was doable, but I’ve learned that camping with this tent is clearly a two person activity!

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