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Flying Scotsman Trip – Day 0

To London, and on the Caledonian Sleeper

Finally, it is happening! I had to postpone this trip three times already, each time amending, or cancelling and rebooking most of the eleven trains and six hotels. This Friday morning however, I was actually back in a Eurostar travelling through the Chunnel to St. Pancras International.

Because I arrived in London earlier than usual, I had decided to use that extra time to make the trek all the way to Ealing, after first dropping off my bag at a Radical Storage point, and a coffee at Origin Coffee in the British Library. In Ealing, one of the newest BrewDog bars had recently opened, not surprisingly called BrewDog Ealing. There I met up with beer friends Jackie and Simon, and BrewDog’s beer trainer Paddy joined us as well. Since it was only noon, and drinking on an empty stomach is never a good idea, we had lunch there as well.

After lunch, we made our way back to the centre of London again, making various beery stops along the way: Kill the Cat, where we were joined by fellow EFP Liam, the Mikkeller Bar, the Mikkeller Brewpub, where Emma joined us, and finally, after picking up my bag again, the Euston Tap.

After a last couple of beers, we said our goodbyes, because it was time for me to board the Caledonian Sleeper. I had traveled on it before, but since then, the service has been completely overhauled. Even though it has been plagued with issues since then—especially recently—there was nothing wrong with the train I was booked on for the night: it departed on time, I had warm water in the shower, and the lounge car was open for business!

Changeover in London

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As we often do, we enjoyed our last British drinks — and a burger — at BrewDog Camden.
The Eurostar terminal was even more crowded than usual this time, and like on our way here, they’ve changed our seats last minute. ? Oh well, it’s only a short ride, and we’ll be home soon.

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Cardiff Trip

We’ll be leaving soon for another trip to the UK. This time however, we’ll be going to a country we haven’t been to yet: Wales. More specifically, we’ll be discovering Cardiff.

Places to visit, eat and drink are selected, all necessary or useful apps are at the ready on their dedicated homescreen…

Of course, it’s purely coincidental that we’re going now, just before the Doctor Who Experience will be closing down… 😉