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London revisited: by bus

We’ve been to London quite a few times before, visited a lot of sights and bars, but the introduction of BrewDog’s Beer Visa enticed us to revisit the Big Smoke, to earn the eponymous badge.

Al we need to do, is visit all nine BrewDog bars in the city, stamp out little booklets, and have our EFP cards swiped. Of course, we do need to have a drink in each bar as well…


It’s been a while since we’ve taken a bus to the UK, preferring a high speed train over a rather slow bus. However, because of our rather late decision to go on this trip, Eurostar prices had already risen to a ridiculously high level! So a trip by Flixbus it will be this time—Megabus doesn’t operate on the European mainland anymore—and from the money saved, we booked two nights in an easyHotel, conveniently close to Victoria Coach Station, so we can spread out our bar visits a little. The downside of this mode of transportation: we did have to get up quite early for a bus that will get us there before nightfall.

We got bumped from those nice places, by the way, since apparently now it’s possible to reserve specific seats, and we weren’t aware of that…

Back to Glasgow

Starting with a last breakfast at Molmeg Cottage, we spent most of Sunday in DRT’s, buses and trains — and an hour in Perth — travelling back from Balquhidder to Glasgow.
After an early arrival and checkin in our hotel for the last night, we had dinner at one of the newest smoke and barbecue places of Glasgow: Smoak. We can’t wait until this food trend reaches Brussels!
Since our last visit to the city, some more new places opened, so we quickly visited the Hippo Taproom and Shilling Brewing Co. as well, before saying our goodbyes — and drink a couple of great beers — at BrewDog Glasgow.

On Monday, we had breakfast at Where the Monkey Sleeps and a quick round of geocaching, before boarding our train to London.
There we went to the Basement Bar of BottleDog Kings X, but they seem to have misplaced their taps… Not a problem though, plenty of choice in their fridges!
The Eurostar was on time this time, which means we were in our Brussels home again before midnight.


After a speedy night ride to London — we arrived half an hour early — I managed to grab the front row seats again in the bus to Brussels, and this time nobody insisted on joining me there.
Eurotunnel went as planned as well, France was a breeze, but Belgium slowed us down with a traffic jam before Ghent. Welcome to Belgium?
So, I guess that was the end of this trip again already…

Start the countdown to September! 🙂

Sunny Scotland

About half an hour ago we entered Scotland, where — believe it or not — the sun is shining brightly and there are hardly any clouds! It would be nice if it stays that way…

Overnight Bus

No hick-ups this time: the Megabus Gold is available and leaving on time. So there’s nothing to keep me from arriving in Edinburgh well rested and ready for a great couple of days.
Good night!


Crossing the Channel went smoothly, crossing London to Victoria Coach Station a bit less so… We’re losing a lot of the time we gained, so eventually we’ll only arrive 15-20 minutes early. Still nice to have some extra time for dinner though! 🙂


It’s been a while, but it seems our luggage will be thoroughly checked again. Last time they did this, we had to leave one passenger lighter. But hey, what do you expect, on a budget bus coming from Amsterdam? 🙂

Ready for Take-off

And we’re ready for take-off, or whatever it is called when a bus leaves. Luckily the power sockets in this MegaBus are working, so I don’t have to worry about running out of power before even reaching the UK.
The coach is only half full, but for whatever reason, some passengers insisted on occupying the the seats next to me on the front row. Oh well, they’re quite tiny, so I don’t mind much, as long as they don’t want to take over the power socket.

Glasgow at last!

We actually arrived 25 minutes early, but if you’re so uncomfortable you can’t really sleep, seven and a half hours still seems like a very long time!
Now first a coffee and a hearty breakfast to get me started.

Megabus Gold disappointment?

Apparently the MegaBus Gold coach broke down, and has been replaced by what seems to be the oldest vehicle in the fleet… So no luxurious seats, no private berths, no WiFi, and not even power outlets for the passengers. And I was really looking forward to use the sleeper service for the first time!
That’ll be a call to customer services in the morning for a refund…

Update: After a short Twitter exchange, they promptly refunded me the MegaBusMegaBus Gold price difference, so no complaints there.