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Dacia Felix & Maastricht

So a combination of the Belgian railways Happy Ticket offer, and a poster advertising the Dacia Felix exhibit in the Gallo-Roman museum of Tongeren, lead to me heading to Limburg—both the Belgian and the Dutch version—this Sunday.

Dacia was conquered by my favourite Roman emperor Traianus, so I really wanted to see this exhibit. It turned out to not only cover the Roman part of Dacia’s history, but many centuries before this period as well.

Since apart from the museum there is not much else of interest to me in Tongeren, I then hopped on the bus to Maastricht, where I knew there would be a couple of places for a decent coffee and craft beer.

Well, that was about it! 😀

Don’t expect me to blog about every single day trip, this was mainly a test to see how convenient travel blogging is using the WordPress iOS app. Biggest disappointment: no way to publish galleries, hence all the full width photos…

Edit: Apparently it’s quite easy to convert the photo series into galleries when back at a desktop computer, so I guess that’s how I’ll do it for the time being…

Edit 2: Galleries have been added to the iOS app, although not the nice mosaic galleries that are available in Jetpack

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