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Month: September 2016

Departure Day

Our departure day was cold and rainy — completely the opposite of the previous days — so our daily cup of coffee at the Bonanza Roastery was a welcome break from our last few strolls through Berlin.
We were briefly tempted by the Oktoberfest tent in front of the Hauptbahnhof, but a Maß (liter) of Märzen lost its appeal after all those great beers we had over the last week.
Our first ICE train had a bit of a delay, barely leaving us time to grab something to eat in Köln. We’ll be crossing the border to Belgium soon, signalling the end of this Berlin trip.
However, some more — and better — photos will follow soon!

Last Museum & Stone

The last museum of our trip was the Museum für Kommunikation.
We then headed south, to the sparkling new Stone brewery. There were no tours of the brewery itself yet, but the “Bistro & Gardens” certainly are impressive already! The garden and indoor space for drinking and dining are huge, and they have fifty beers on draught, most of them brewed there or in the original American Stone brewery.
For dinner we had the über-German fast food: Currywurst.

Märkisches Museum

We started our last full day in Berlin with some history of this city, in the Märkisches Museum.
For lunch, we decided to have something healthy today: soup at Suppengrün.

Dinner & Drinks

For dinner, we had booked a table at Salt n Bone. We enjoyed some great Stone beers again, a huge meat platter, and the company of Stone’s number one: Greg Koch.
Afterward we went to Italian craft beer bar Birra. By coincidence, there was a tap takeover there by Toccalmatto, with their main man — Bruno Carilli — present as well.

Another Museum Day

Another museum day today: Technikmuseum, Naturkundemuseum & Gemäldegalerie. In between we went to one of the best kebab places of Berlin: Mustafa’s Gemüse Kebab.

Museum Island

Today we visited Museum Island: Alte Nationalgalerie, Pergamonmuseum, Neues Museum and the Altes Museum. We were quite impressed by the humongous buildings and the huge collection of Egyptian, Greek, Roman and other antiquities. Seen Schliemann’s Trojan treasure in real life!

Pulled Pork & Brisket Buns

After the tour, we really needed some food, since we skipped lunch. Pulled pork and brisket buns did the trick, and we had our first taste of Berlin craft beers as well.
After dinner, we had some more German beers, to conclude our evening with beers from Stone, an American brewer who recently opened a brewery in Berlin.


We didn’t quite expect this kind of weather when we started planning our trip to Berlin. We better pack light then, and hope the air conditioning on our trains is working…

40 km

After a short stop in Liège, we arrived home safely, happy to see a proper bed. Hiking 40 km with full gear, but without any training, it was quite an experience!

Some last photos from yesterday to say goodbye, until our next trip!