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Month: September 2014

Last Afternoon

Our last afternoon we spent — once again — in the Valhalla of craft beer: BrewDog Glasgow. Even though some of the beers I had hoped to try were sadly unavailable, we managed to try quite a few new or rereleased beers, accompanied by a couple of nice local cheeses and meats. Seriously, we need a BrewDog bar in Brussels soon!

Our last meal before boarding the bus homeward again was at Jacker de Viande. Not bad, but BMB is still number one in the burger department!

And that was the end of another fabulous trip to Scotland again. I’m missing it already!

Last Day in Glasgow

Our last day started with a — quite spicy — Indian breakfast at Babu Bombay Street Kitchen.
A wet walk brought us to the People’s Palace, where all floors and the winter garden were accessible this time. In the Farrell exhibition we noticed quite a bit of Ypres.
The Dalek featured in a mural we passed on our way back to the city centre. Doctor Who seems to be everywhere in Glasgow: TARDISes in the streets, Daleks on the walls, sonic screwdrivers and posters in comic stores, a Genesis Ark and Slitheen in a thrift store, and of course Peter Capaldi — the twelfth Doctor — is from Glasgow! 🙂

The Day After…

After waking up to some disappointing referendum results on Friday morning, we decided to visit the Kelvingrove again—this time not so close to closing time—giving us the opportunity to listen to the daily organ concert as well.
Friday was the day the new iPhone 6 launched, so both being Apple fans, we went to the Apple Store to see and feel it.
For dinner we selected another Glasgow classic: The Chippy Doon the Lane. Apparently you can batter and deep fry sausages as well…

George Square

On the menu for the evening was another visit to George Square — brilliant vibe there — and of course some burgers at Burger Meats Bun. No visit to Glasgow is complete without a burger from BMB!

The West End

After getting changed, we went for an Indian buffet at Bombay Blues. Then we were off to the West End: Byres Road, Tennent’s Bar—not to be confused with the brewery: we had ‘real ales’—the Kelvingrove Museum and Art Gallery, and of course BrewDog Glasgow. To sober up a bit again, Old Salty’s came to the rescue with calamari and steak pie with loads of chips.


Before checking in at easyHotel, we did a bit of sightseeing. George Square was still empty, but that appears to have changed already…

Arrived in Glasgow

After a night in the Megabus Gold sleeper, we arrived — only slightly late — in Glasgow.

We dropped off our bags at easyHotel and went for breakfast at one of the few decent places open before 8 am: Where the Monkey Sleeps. The Ladykiller bagel should be able to keep me going until lunch…

CASK Pub & Kitchen

In spite of the thorough border check of French customs, Megabus once again managed to get us to our London destination twenty minutes early. Plenty of time for a pit stop at CASK Pub & Kitchen for a burger and some beers! And for a visit to the crapper… Not trying to be rude here, but the company name in cast iron makes it very obvious where this colloquial name actually comes from.

Off to Glasgow again!

After all this preparation and anticipation, I’m finally on my way to Glasgow again! This time I’m travelling with my girlfriend, which will make the trip even more enjoyable.
Our Megabus arrived quite on time, is not too full, the power plug is working—unlike the USB plug—and it’s only a little bit too warm. I’ve had worse. 😉