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FyneFest Trip – Day 7

FyneFest: Leisurely Last Day

The last day of FyneFest, Sunday, is the most relaxing one of all!

For breakfast I went to Winston Churchill Venison again, for a breakfast roll with a square sausage—undoubtedly made with venison—black pudding, bacon, and a fried egg. Not sure how sustainable venison is—hard to find neutral sources about it—but it sure was tasty!

Sunday is also a bit of a ‘leftovers day’ when it comes to the beers. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, since I discovered some really good beers I had missed so far!

For lunch I had to have some of the masala roasted chicken loaded fries from Babu Bombay Street Kitchen, since they would probably pack up before dinner time. After some more beers in good company—you never drink alone at FyneFest—I had Ròst’s chicken burger for dinner.

By that time the bar in the already emptied out big tent had closed, and it was time to move on to the Mixtape tent. No more tasting notes, just enjoying a few familiar beers while enjoying some live music.

With the festival rounding up, and me retiring to my yurt for the last time, I have to give a shout-out to the team of staff and volunteers: they’ve been nothing but excellent!

FyneFest Trip – Day 6

FyneFest: Running Up That Hill!

This Saturday started with a bacon and cheese omelet from Real MacKay Stovie Co., to fuel up for today’s run. No hash today, but it was a run with beer at the end nevertheless!

The Good Time Running club organised a charity run to raise money for Arrochar Mountain Rescue. A couple of dozen people ran almost 5km from the Fyne Ales brewery, up the sunny glen to the Walkers Bar, where we were welcomed with a can of beer. Some even ran back down again, but I took it easy and just walked.

By the time I was back at the campsite, there weren’t any queues at the showers anymore, so the perfect time to freshen up a bit after all that exertion.

Not really hungry enough yet for a full lunch, I just had an ice cream from Highland Fold, before trying the first couple of beers at the main bar.

Just a few, because it was soon time for the first of the Meet-The-Brewers panel discussions moderated by Pellicle’s Matthew Curtis I would attend: “For Beer; For the Planet”

There was a ceilidh as well this afternoon, but before Rock & Reel was done with their first dance, I had to head back to the dark and hot tent for the second discussion: “Is independence in brewing more important than ever?”

For dinner I went to Winston Churchill Venison, for some venison chilli, to be topped up later with a venison sausage roll…

For the entertainment while continuing to taste beer: Tom McGuire & The Brassholes, and by now a FyneFest classic, Massaoke!

FyneFest Trip – Day 5

FyneFest: Tasting Time!

Today was the first full day of FyneFest!

I started the day with a bacon and egg breakfast roll from Hector & Harriet. After that there was not much else to do than wait for the bar to open. It was supposed to open at eleven, but there was a bit of a delay, and I actually didn’t mind at all!

After a couple of beers, the first live band of the day, and a pork burrito from Meksikan, it was time for a Malt Masterclass, led by Muntons Malt.

After that it was already time for dinner: some brisket on fries from Ròst.

Followed by more beers, more music, and then some more beer…

FyneFest Trip – Day 4

Once Again to the Glen!

Thursday started with sleeping in a bit, packing, and checking out of the Z Hotel. I really enjoyed this hotel, I’m very likely to stay there again next time in Glasgow… Maybe I’ll even get a room with a window!

For my last breakfast in town I went to Spitfire Espresso, where I had a banging breakfast burrito: eggs, cheddar, bacon, mushrooms, with a smoked habanero sauce to give it a bit of a kick.

After a quick visit to a photo exhibition, I had a last espresso macchiato at Laboratorio Espresso.

Then it was time to pick up my bag and head to Buchanan Bus Station. 57 bus stances, indoor waiting areas, shops and toilets… And that for a city just half the size of bus-stationless Brussels!

Infrastructure like that made waiting for and getting onto my Citylink 926 to Cairndow an effortless experience. Not to mention the great views on the way to Glen Fyne…

After arriving at the nearest bus stop, it was just a walk of about 1,5 km to the festival terrain. On occasions like these, with only gravel paths and uneven roads, I’m really happy I can convert my trolley bag to a backpack!

So this year again, I bought an Early Access ticket for FyneFest, to make the most of the yurt I booked. And of course, the Thursday is a very relaxed day to start the festival. After getting checked in—can of Easy Trail included—and installed in my yurt, I had a couple of beers in the Fyne Ales taproom.

After that, it was about time for dinner, so I went for an auld favourite, Babu Bombay Street Kitchen, for their mixed pakora.

To finish the night, some Fyne Ales Origins Brewing beers and live music—by Micky Marr—in the Mixtape tent.

Oh, and a service announcement: midge season has definitely started!

FyneFest Trip – Day 3

Rural Glasgow

After finally a full night of sleep, the breakfast choice of the day was a beef shin and cheddar toastie at Outlier. You can’t have a full Scottish for breakfast every day, can you?

From there, the number 6 First bus—eventually—took me to the National Museum of Rural Life. It was not just a museum, but also a working, centuries old farm, with Highland coos, rare Tamworth pigs, sheep, and big farm horses!

Then on to The Burrell Collection, in Pollok Country Park. When I was there the last time, they were just renovating the building, so this was my first opportunity to see it.

On the way to my first beer, I stopped for a coffee and brookie at Grain and Grind. Just a little bit up the road was the Koelschip Yard, where quite coincidentally, my mate Dom was sitting at the bar! Beers were had, and some very good bottles shared…

The plan was then to have a vegetarian Indian dinner at nearby Ranjit’s Kitchen, but their card machine was out of order, and without an actual card on me, it turned out to be impossible to get money from a machine…

I did have Indian in the end, but back in the centre, in a restaurant in the St Enoch Shopping Centre, Namaste by Delhi Darbar.

The last stop of the night was Inn Deep, a conveniently short subway ride from the hotel, which gave me the opportunity to use my Bramble smart card again, which still had some money on it from years ago…