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Tag: GT201509

Last Day in Glasgow

Last day in Glasgow. Exactly one year after the Independence Referendum. Lots of people on George Square remembering/celebrating this.
Just enough time to meet some friends over Fyne Ales, and for a last visit to BrewDog Glasgow

Fallen Brewing Co TTO

Fallen Brewing Co tap takeover at BrewDog Glasgow yesterday. Surprisingly good ‘pilsner’! But afterwards we returned to the beers from the ‘regular’ guest bottle list anyway.

Leisurely Day

Had a nice, leisurely day today. Scored a great Barbour jacket for h–na at Mr Ben’s, went to MegaByte for a drink and to play some Street Fighter, we finally managed to get to the Sharmanka Kinetic Theatre, and we went to the Glasgow Police Museum.
Apparently they quite like Dutch beers at Blackfriars: not just Heineken — oh, the horror — but Rooie Dop and De Molen as well. We stuck to British beers however. 🙂

City Chambers & Uni

Another day in Glasgow, another day of guided tours. In the morning the City Chambers, in the afternoon the University of Glasgow. Since we’re still not quite accustomed to full cooked breakfasts every day, coffee and cake at The Steamie replaced our lunch.

BrewDog Glasgow

Spent a lovely afternoon at BrewDog Glasgow trying some new beers—and old ones I didn’t get to try yet—and getting acquainted with Colin, the new manager, and the rest of the staff.

Vintage Guru


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Well, luckily we remembered to bring our student cards! 🙂

The Musical City

Glasgow is a very musical city. I don’t just mean the National Centre of Piping, but also the many artists originating from the city, and the bands that have been discovered here.
But even though I’ve been here a couple of times now, I hadn’t been to King Tut’s Wah Wah Hut yet. So this time I had my girlfriend h–na pick the most promising band of the week — Young Kato — and reserved some tickets for them.
I didn’t quite realise they would be preceded by a supporting act. I should have known, since Oasis was discovered right here, when performing as a supporting act.
But there wasn’t not just one, but three bands preceding the main act!
I don’t know if any of them will ever will become famous — the potential was there — but if they do, I can at least say I was there while they were still playing as a supporting act…


When the tourist bus arrived at the Kelvingrove Museum, I simply had to get out! Not for the museum though, but for a wee drink at BrewDog Glasgow
We skipped lunch today, so we really needed something to eat around four, and we went to Bread Meats Bread. Apparently we weren’t the only ones feeling a bit peckish!
Since we still have a couple of hours to go, we decided to go for another coffee.

Euro Hostels

And finally it was time to check into our hostel, for that long awaited shower and change of clothes.
All clean, we headed for the CitySightseeing bus, to see if we missed any sights last time we were in Glasgow.

Where the Monkey Sleeps

It’s becoming a habit: the MegaBus sleeper arriving in Glasgow way too early, and having breakfast at Where the Monkey Sleeps after ditching the luggage. However, we visited the new venue of Where the Monkey Sleeps, since it’s a bit closer to the hostel. A bit more open and lighter than the original, but the same impressive bagels!

Victoria Coach Station

After dinner — although mostly a liquid one — we made our way back to Victoria Coach Station. When we arrived there, quite a lot of people were already waiting for our bus, so for the first time, I was not one of the first to board it.
It didn’t make much of a difference though, since we had the same berths as last time, and no one sleeping on the berth above us.
So, next stop: Glasgow.

Changeover in London

We arrived in London at the scheduled hour after all, so we had time to go to BrewDog Clapham Junction, the one we didn’t make it to when we spent a couple of days in The City.
Waiting for my Psycho Chilly now, the Sunday specialty of this bar…


No further delays in the Eurotunnel, so we’re on our way to London, only 15 minutes behind on schedule, according to the MegaBus driver.
(photo by h–na)