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Tag: GT201402

Safely home…

… with all my bottles and glassware, mainly from BrewDog.

Here you can see why I really do need an 80 litre bag for a trip of only three days:

Well, the most important stuff is unpacked, I’ll do the rest tomorrow, but as far as I’m concerned, my Glasgow trip is over.

Goodnight! 🙂


On my previous Scotland trips, MegaBus used the ferry to cross the Channel. That usually worked out pretty well, sometimes we were even able to catch an earlier ferry, resulting in a considerably shorter travel time!
Apparently it is now customary at MegaBus to use the Eurotunnel for daytime crossings. So far my experiences with the car train have not been favourable: delays of at least two hours! And if I am to believe some of the bus drivers, these delays happen more often than not!
I hope MegaBus will keep the interval between the arrival of the buses from Brussels, and the departure of the buses to Scotland at least three hours, preferably even four, otherwise the risk of missing my connection might just become too big…

Back on the Bus

Well, that’s it, I boarded my MegaBus Gold, a real one this time. Not a lot of space, as you can see, but comfortable enough to sleep. In theory at least, because the movements of a bus are quite a bit more unpredictable than those on a sleeper train…
Now I’ll just have to hope there will be no delays and I’ll be able to catch my next bus in London.
Good night!

Coffee Infused

I almost forgot they have a Hop Cannon at BrewDog Glasgow now as well. It’s not just for hops though, although not everything turns out well: at some point they tried to make a bacon infused beer, but that turned into quite a sticky mess…

The result of today’s experiment was a beer with a stronger coffee taste than some coffees I’ve had!

Kilt Report

So, after three kilted day in Glasgow again, it must be said that the kilt still isn’t an everyday garment. Until today, I had only seen a kilted piper on Buchanan Street, and a couple of kilted men at the ceilidh. One of them wore a strange combination of a ghillie shirt and a Prince Charlie jacket…
On a couple of occasions I’ve been asked if I was “going to the rugby”. Apparently a rugby game is one if the few occasions where the kilt is worn casually. Today there actually is a big rugby game being played—Scotland vs. England—so there are more kilties in the streets today.
There’s still a long way to go before kilts are just as normal as trousers, though. But that won’t keep me from wearing my kilts as often as possible!

Harris Tweed

At Mr Ben I found a kilt jacket I quite like: Harris tweed, nice grey satin lining, probably from the late forties, early fifties. I found a nice brown leather pre-war sporran as well, but it needs some repair work.
To celebrate those great finds – and because I haven’t had any whisky on this trip yet – I’m now at The Pot Still enjoying a pre lunch dram: a Royal Salute 21 years old.